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ASCAI   zoothecnics

Since 1971 ASCAI
designs and builds stables keys in hand.
With its qualified experts is able to offer a quality service, secure and functional, thanks to an internal production process maintained and guaranteed by the quality certification EN1090


We design, construct, assemble and test any kind  of metallic structure in  CERTIFICATE STEEL (hot-dip galvanized)

The covers can be completed if request with:
Covers in insulated corrugated panels, tiles or super tiles
Polycarbonate Domes antihail 

Conveyor Chain

Ascai is the leader in cleaning systems

A wide range of installations square chain, carried out directly in our headquarters and scrapers for lanes up to 14 mt, flap or butterfly, hydraulic or mechanical systems with towing chain. All assembled with all hardware in stainless steel, fully adjustable


To ensure the best comfort, according to the rules dictated by the animal welfare legislation

Ascai offers a wide range of equipment for food and the rest of your animals,  headlock  patented, adjustable and ensuring  security , functionality,  robustness and better acoustic impact.

Mattresses and

A good rest definitely guarantees the better  production.

Ascai offers mattresses in genuine padded rubber latex 100%. mattresses that guarantee maximum comfort and avoid the hollows of traditional mattresses. The surface is non-slip and anti-bruises it will defends animals from humidity

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