Metal Structures

The portal system without ribs,
It is ideal for covering large spans without intermediate supports.

It allows the usability of the building in all its height without compromising the aesthetic appearance which is pleasant and harmonious.

Metal Structures Cathedral

The Cathedral system with four rows of pillars
a solution, thanks to a convenient static scheme 

It is ideal for important widths, with intermediate supports and with reduced stresses transmitted to the pillars and consequent limited size of the foundation plinths.

 Metal Structures
Polonceau Reticulate

The Polonceau system ribs It is an economical and lightweight solution 

Thanks to a convenient static scheme. Ascai It offers an alternative to outdated iron purlins. The use of joists made of laminated wood has proved to be a viable solution from a structural point of view

 Metal Structures 

Prefabricated metal structures constructed according to the regulations and accurate calculation criteria.

They can be made in one or two flaps, such as the extension of existing buildings or independent structures. They find their application areas such as roofs for housing livestock or for hay hospitalization, machinery and equipment

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